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The Middle School includes the 7th, and 8th-grade levels and is located in the Joseph Campus:

1069 Joseph Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621
Main phone number: (585) 544-6170
Fax: (585) 697-0222

Through EL Education practices and protocols, teachers create a student-centered learning environment that promotes mastery of knowledge and skill, character building, and high-quality work.

Instruction is guided by learning targets with “I can” statements that hold students accountable for their own academic success through collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and rigorous academic projects that connect students to real-world experiences that align with state and Common Core standards.


Field Studies


As an EL school, EL Education uses the term fieldwork, rather than field trips. Fieldwork is what adult professionals do: research in the world, the students are not there as passive listeners. They are there to conduct research for their studies: taking notes, taking photos, and interviewing experts.

What makes this type of fieldwork different from traditional field trips?

  • Students travel to places that are essential to what they are studying.

  • Students are collecting information to create something of quality and value to share with others.

  • Students are deeply prepared ahead of time with expertise in what they will be seeing and whom they will be meeting.

  • Students are actively engaged on-site in interviewing experts and collecting information.

  • Students return to the classroom to debrief, use their data and what they learned to create something meaningful.

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