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Board of Trustees


                    Julio Vázquez

Co-founder, Board President


      Dr. Marcy DeJesús-Rueff



                  Eugenio Marlin

Co-founder, Vice Chair


                Miguel Meléndez


angelica perez.png

         Angélica Pérez-Delgado



          Caroline A. Rodriguez



Ryan Caster


Gloria Soldevila Ramos Board Picture.jpg

Gloria Soldevila Ramos

Trustee- Parent Representative 

Dr. Vazquez- HeadShot Photo.jpg

            Dr. Miriam Vázquez

Co-founder, Trustee

Rosemary Johnson Board Picture.jpg

Rosemary Johnson

Trustee- Parent Representative

2023-2024 Board Meeting Minutes

July 25, 2023, Finance Report

August 29, 2023, Finance Report

September 26, 2023, Finance Report

October 30, 2023, Finance Report

November 28, 2023, Finance Report

December - No Scheduled Board Meeting 

January 30, 2024, Finance Report

February 27, 2024,  Finance Report

March 26, 2024, Finance Report

April 30, 2024, Finance Report

May 28, 2024, Finance Report

June  25, 2024, Finance Report

You can join the board meeting virtually by clicking here.  

Want to access past board meeting minutes? Click Here!

EMHCS Committees

The Academic Committee meets monthly to provide appropriate board oversight of the academic program by ensuring that the school’s educational program is  positively impacting student achievement and by raising strategic academic issues for board  discussion.

Academic Committee

The Finance Committee meets monthly to provide appropriate board oversight of school finances, ensure accurate and comprehensive financial reporting to the full board, and raise strategic financial issues for board discussion.

Finance Committee

The Fundraising Committee meets as needed to engage board members in regular fundraising activities for the school and in providing strategic direction,  oversight, and accountability for the board’s fundraising activities.

Fundraising Committee

The personnel committee meets monthly with the CEO and HR  manager to provide overall policy guidance and submit, for final approval, recommendations on personnel policy matters to the board of trustees. 

Personnel Committee

The Governance Committee meets as needed to provide leadership for board education, ensuring a strategically composed board is in place to govern the institution, nominating candidates for officer positions and committee membership, nominating and orienting new board members, ensuring an effective governance structure, and ensuring an effective board self-assessment process.

Governance Committee

The audit committee meets late summer to review with the independent auditor the scope and planning of the audit of the Corporation’s financial statements prior to the audit’s commencement. After the audit, the committee meets early fall to discuss the findings with the auditors.

Audit Committee

The building committee meets monthly to develop and monitors, with the administration, a comprehensive maintenance program (both preventive and ongoing) for campus buildings and grounds. The committee assesses future needs and makes recommendations to the board. 

Building Committee

The CEO support & evaluation committee is responsible for the performance evaluation process for the school leader.

CEO Support & Evaluation Committee

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