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20 Years!

EMHCS is celebrating 20 years of educating Rochester families. Learn more about our journey, staff and students. 

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Mrs. Santiago is celebrating 20 years with EMHCS this September. She’s actually one of just two staff members to be with us since we opened. In her time here, she has helped organize and put on major events, shows and musical projects, including Annie Jr.. 


Mrs. Santiago works as a paraprofessional at the elementary level, helping students not only in the classroom– but also at home.


“I always do a home visit and get to know their parents too. You have to know what’s happening at home to understand the behavior in class. From there, I build a relationship with their parents so we can work together to help the child,” she explained. Many of these relationships span decades, with older alumni excitedly running up to Mrs. Santiago when they see her out and about in Rochester. 


This year, it’s her first time working with second graders. She said she’s ready to make them feel welcome and ready to learn amid this pandemic. 


“We can’t forgot about our students’ mental health during this time,” she said. As a result, Mrs. Santiago published YouTube videos to help students navigate this pandemic emotionally. Overall, Ms. Santiago said she’s excited to continue with the school and looks forward to working with students and their families.


“I love the kids and I love what I’m doing.” 

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